Polyimide Bake Oven
                                                               Product Specification Chart
  PB6-2P-CP PB8-2P-CP PB12-2P-CP PB6-8P PB8-4P
Capacity 2 cassettes
of up to 6" wafers
2 cassettes
of up to 8" wafers
2 cassettes
of up to 12" wafers
8 cassettes
of up to 6" wafers
4 cassettes
of up to 8" wafers
Max Heat Up Rate 18C/min 15C/min 10C/min 3-4C/min 3-4C/min
Max Cool Down Rate 7C/min 6C/min 4-5C/min 3-4C/min 3-4C/min
Temperature Range

                                                 Ambient to 450C

Uniformity 2C 2.5C 3.5C 6C 8C
Interior Chamber Dimensions 10.75" I.D. (barrel) x 7.5"H x 16"D 14.4" I.D. (barrel)x 9.9" H x 25.7"D 21" I.D. (barrel)x   14" H x 26"D 16.5" W x 18.2" H x 16.0"D 20.25"W x 23.9"H x 12.0"D
Chamber Working Area 1 compartment
6.4"W x 6.6"H x 14.24"D
1 compartment
9.4"W x 9.0"H x 18.1"D
1 compartment
15.1"W x 13.6"H x 19.2"D
4 compartment
8.0"W x 7.8"H x 14.5"D
4 compartment
10.0"W x 10.58"H x 10.58"D
Chamber Material                                                    316 L Stainless Steel
Overall Oven Dimension 20.5"W x 23.5"H x 37.0"D 25.5"W x 26.5"H x 37.0"D   24.5"W x 31.0"H x 33.0"D 32.5"W x 42.0"H x 32.0"D
Controller Dimensions                                                     20.5"W x 6.5"H x 19.0"D
Shipping Weights crated 450 lbs. 550 lbs. 550 lbs. 780 lbs. (282 kg) 760 lbs. (275 kg)
Facilities Oven and Controller 220V, 1 phase, 3 wire, 35 amps 220V, 1 phase, 3 wire, 35 amps 208V, 3 phase, 4 wire, 30 amps
Vacuum Pump                                               208V, 3 phase, 4 wire, 6.8 amps
Individual temperature rates may vary dependent upon customer facilities and processes run. Please consult our field service department for rate improvement suggestions.
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