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JFP MODEL DB-1000/1100 

JFP DB-1000/1100 FLIP-CHIP pick & place die Bonder
The Pick & Place DB-1000/1100 is designed for precise and accurate placement of delicate devices on substrate. It achieves a high accuracy placement of very small parts using a high magnification optical device, when required for very fine placement of small parts, as laser diodes. Flip option allows a perfect alignment of parts and substrate, mixing both video pictures. Eutectic control cycle protects substrate from oxidation: ramp-up to eutectic and back to idle using a fast cooling control of chuck. A robust, and reliable mechanical concept, designed to be external vibration free. Easy to use, flexible, the DB-1000 requires only minimum training to operate.


JFP D-1000 Flip--Chip, Pick & Place Die Bonder
DB-1000/1100 Flip-Chip Pick & Place Die Bonder
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bullet High accuracy placement of very small parts, like laser diodes, using a high magnification optical device,
bullet Flip Option allows a perfect alignment of part and substrate, mixing both video images,
bullet Optional Eutechtic process, stamping and dispensing units,

Model Design: Table Top
Motorized Table: 3" (75 mm),
Die size: Minimum 250x250m,
Maximum 10x10mm
Substrate handled: Up to 200mm, Parts hold by vacuum or clamp, Substrate, Package
Table resolution:
1 m
Joystick: 2 speeds + step mode
Alignment: Manual, with CCTV, Target generator, Dual video Mixing
Bond force:
Programmable, Up to 250 gram
Bond Time: Programmable, up to 99 sec.
Vacuum: Selectable on or off during bond
Tool  rotation: 180, Work height adjustable, Soft touch down speed
Vision : Colour CCD camera, Vertical viewing
Light: Direct and pen light
Colour monitor; (Option for Flat monitor or Black and White)

Power: 110/230 VAC < 400 watt
bullet Eutectic, digital control of ramp up and down,
bullet Dispenser,
bullet Binocular for inspection,
bullet Micro vacuum chamber for reflow/eutectic, process with gas control,
bullet Direct test application,
Vacuum: 70%
Forming Gas: N2
Air: 70 psi - 5 bar
Dimensions: 450x700x500mm  (18"x28"x20")
Weight: Shipping 63 kg (130 lb) 
Standards: Complies with UL and CE standards
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