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FASTechnologies is pleased to announce that its latest productivity-improving drill and rout engineering system, NC-CAM 6, is ready for immediate shipment.

Here are a few reasons to buy NC-CAM 6:

It's a 32-bit Windows-NT/Win95 application. It's compatible with the newest computers and operating systems. We've completely reworked the user interface, so it's consistent from CAD to Rout to Drill. We've used our customers' best ideas, so functions you only dreamed of in the old DOS-based NC-CAM are there in NC-CAM 6.
The OptiScan! drill optimizer has been improved again. Now you can use it on all of your drill programs, too, because it's been made over twenty times faster! Average drill programs are optimized in seconds, and enormous programs are optimized in a bare few minutes.
For the first time, the Rout editor features "live" cuts! You can edit rout cuts just like any other CAD data. This is great for implementing engineering changes, or adjusting dimensions on difficult, tight-tolerance routs.
NC-CAM Drill, Rout, and CAD all feature full undo/redo capability. The "fatal mistakes" you could make in NC-CAM 5 are gone forever.
The "locked screen" of NC-CAM 5 is gone! In NC-CAM 6 you can scroll the screen at any time, with scrollbars at the screen edges. There's even hot panning, so you can drag the display around with <Alt>+drag.
CAD's automatic Cleanup functions have been totally redesigned, and they're incredibly strong. Customer drawings which were completely unusable in NC-CAM 5 are cleaned up beautifully in a few seconds. (You'll have to see it to believe it!)
Step-and-repeat codes are handled intelligently and consistently in drill and rout. Step integrity is also retained in Drill editing, so NC-CAM 6 keeps large array steps intact, instead of exploding them as NC-CAM 5 did.
The new break-out tab routing function is superb: You can set the width and indent of the rout, and the number and size of drilled "mousebite" holes, and then make tabs with a mouse click.
NC-CAM 6 features a vastly improved short slot drilling capability, to let you compensate for "banana slot" cutter deflection. This function straightens out short slots by as much as ninety percent.
Powerful new pocket rout and full-panel optimized autorout functions can produce some of the most difficult routs with a single mouse click!

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